Type Rating

We offer flight training for those wishing to add additional helicopter types to their existing EASA licence. Through our ATO we can offer type ratings on a range of different helicopters, including the Robinson R22, Robinson R44 and Bell 206. If you own your own helicopter then we can submit the necessary paperwork to allow us to train you on your specific helicopter, therefore offering you the familiarity required for safe operation.

The type rating courses typically consist of 5 hours flying and 10 hours ground school, we supply all the necessary notes and checklists as part of our packages, providing you with a wealth of information to allow you to feel confident in operating the new type.

Type Rating

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Price List

Robinson R22 – Dual Training

Per Hour: £265 + VAT

Robinson R44 – Dual Training

Per Hour: £400 + VAT

Bell 206 JetRanger- Dual Training

Per Hour: £635 + VAT

All Landing Fees at Leeds Heliport are included.